Linker is the acronym of Linking Enterprises with Retail. Our name is our mission: a revolutionary connection between franchisors and prospective franchisees. Our business model is based on four main pillars: developing relationships with investors, comprehensive lead qualification, adopting winning strategies in order to select the best prospective franchisees, and representing top of the line projects with major success potential.
In Linker we combine, synthesize and utilize the most effective techniques in the selection process of possible franchisees. The focus of this strategy is the relationship with the investors, who we meet and select personally. We believe that franchising is first and foremost a connection between entrepreneurs. Our objective is to multiply these opportunities for contact through a personal and innovative approach that will eventually lead to the success of the retail outlets.

Our Business Model

Progetti Franchising


Relationships are the foundation of a successful strategy

Developing business contacts and determining the right investor for a project is fundamental to ensure the success of a franchising project. This is why we have created a network of exclusive relationships. At the heart of our strategy we include personal contacts, meetings, roadshows, events, web and social media marketing and CRM techniques. We utilize an advanced scouting system to identify prospective franchisees, with the objective of offering a competitive advantage to our clients.

Progetti Franchising


The best franchising projects for the most suitable franchisees

We identify and select only franchising projects with high probability of success and we present them to the most suitable candidates in our database. We have constructed a comprehensive and unique database through years of work in the field, web marketing activities, contacts and personal relationships. By painstakingly exploiting this database we are able to match projects with the best prospects, reducing the time and cost of the selection process.

Progetti Franchising


Five different clusters of highly selected investors

Our database is divided in five different clusters, allowing us to immediately propose a franchising project to a certain target:

BIG major entrepreneurs with a long term experience in franchising.

OPERATOR professionals of the franchising business, owning one or more retail outlets.

INDEPENDENT professionals of the multi-brand retail sector, owning one or more retail outlets.

INVESTOR entrepreneurs, enterprises and professionals operating in different sectors, but with relevant spending power and interested in investing in a franchising business;

NEW newcomers to the franchising world.

Progetti Franchising


Better placement for a more successful business

We constantly monitor the available locations and new opportunities connected with the development of shopping malls, outlets and urban locations. In cooperation with our partners, we scan nationwide in Italy
in search of the perfect location for both the franchisor and the potential
franchisee. Choosing the right location is critical in the success of a
franchising project. A correct localization strategy ensures a quick start-up phase, followed by robust growth and the guarantee of a successful future.